“When I was growing up in Lima, every month I looked forward to getting an ‘encomienda’ from my grandmother, Mamita Naty. Naty was an andina, a lady of the Peruvian Andes, and a picantera – one of the women who run the picanterias, the restaurants at the heart and soul of the Andean community.

The encomienda was a large basket full of native superfoods from her village: quinoa, amaranth, purple maize, maca, chia… A note attached read ‘Con mucho cariño’ – ‘With loving care’.

Years later, when I moved to London, I knew I wanted to use the love of produce and cooking I’d inherited from Mamita Naty.

Andina in Shoreditch is the result of this heritage. It is a modern ‘picanteria’: all-day, pioneering restaurant serving healthy food and drinks inspired by the Peruvian Andes.

Drop by early morning for a warm pastry or a great coffee; pop in for a quick bite for lunch; or make a night of it with our small dishes and feasting plates, all accompanied by a great Latin American wine or a punchy pisco-based cocktail.

Mamita Naty would be proud of what her encomiendas have inspired. Her spirit lives at Andina. And here too we do everything ‘con mucho cariño.”

Martin Morales, Founder of Andina and the Ceviche Family