Our aim is simple: to share the unique culture of the Peruvian Andes through exquisite food and delicious drinks, delivered in a way that shows care towards our customers and our suppliers.

Our inspiration comes from the picantera chefs in the Peruvian Andes. These humble female chefs run the kitchens and restaurants that form the backbone of the community. They are the flag bearers of Peruvian food; the keepers of the flavours; and the personalities keeping Andean culture alive. Our founder Martin’s grandmother was a picantera. She, alongside his great aunts, served as his greatest inspiration.

We follow and believe in her ethos of ‘Aqui Se Cocina Con Cariño’ – ‘Here We Cook With Love’. This refers to our relentless attention to detail, excellence and care shown in all aspects of what we do; from the way we prepare an innovative dish to the way our team works like a happy family.

We have three shared values that shape the foundations of our culture:

1. Positive energy

2. Dedication and care

3. Striving for excellence